Quality since 1989

In 1989 an entrepreneur already operating in the cosmetics industry founded Hair Club Extension. He decided to focus on an increasingly requested product: hair extensions.

A particular attention to details and 28 years in the field gave Hair Club Extension the expertise to propose and supply hairstylists with the best hair extensions, in order to satisfy the growing demand for this product.


Knowledge, experience and attention

Knowledge, experience and attention are Hair Club’s keywords.

Respecting these values is the only way to ensure a top quality product.

Only after many years of work in the beauty market it becomes clear that it is not always easy to satisfy your own customers.

Hair Club’s mission is to satisfy the market demand with the best products available, ensuring the latest fashion accessory, attentively designed and ready to be applied and showcased.

The key feature that distinguishes Hair Club is the quality, achieved using only the healthiest natural hair, tested under strict controls and treated with care and professionality.

Hair Club key feature: QUALITY

Hair Club hair extensions are made using exclusively Indian Remy hair.

The hair cuticles are left intact to preserve their original quality, and the hair undergoes only a decoloring process before the final dyeing step.

The hair goes through a complex process of carding, which directs all the hair cuticles in the same direction, allowing it to fall soft and natural, without matting or tangling.

The hair treatment process uses non-toxic and hypoallergenic products, making it suitable for everybody to use them.

The combination of all these steps results in a high quality product.

The hair becomes smooth, soft and silky, giving it a natural flow and movement allowing it to blend seamlessly with own hair.

This combined with the expertise of highly trained stylists ensures a product suitable for everyone, which will satisfy any customer.




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